Hustle more.
Hassle less.

Anxiety-free budgeting. The future of freelance.

Irregular income. Regular peace of mind

Financial anxiety is cancelled.

Managing irregular cash flow with tools designed for steady paychecks is a circus. Plenty is built by freelancers to combat the chaos with the clarity of a single number: what you can afford to spend right now, with no nasty surprises when expenses hit.

Be your own boss like a boss

Stop worrying about payday. Forever.

Our Overdraft Allowance means freelancers never have to worry about when they get paid. Seriously. If your account gets overdrawn, we'll automatically spot you the cash for as long as you need, with no interest. Just spend less than you earn overall, and you can forget the timing.

LiveBalance: one-tap budgeting

Your digital spending sensei.

Our AI-powered LiveBalance condenses all your income and expenses &em; present and future &em; into a single real-time number. Spend less than that each day, and you’re saving without thinking, so you can focus on what’s more important than money.

Put away the pen and paper

The world’s easiest financial planner.

Confidently secure your future around flexible income. Paying down debt? Saving for a vacation? Buying a blimp? Doesn’t matter. Tell us your financial goals and we’ll build you a timeline that adapts as you spend and save, and shows you what to change to get there quicker.

Let's make the future a better place to freelance.